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Legacy Made Simple:

From Generational Curse to Generational Wealth

The Simple Way To Leave A Legacy Without The Guesswork, Stress Or Overwhelm.

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What is Legacy Made Simple?

Legacy Made Simple is a system that includes a Book, Workbook, Card Deck, Program and Live event which:
Educates people who are not familiar with or don’t quite understand what legacy planning is and why it is critical.  
Simplifies the process of legacy planning into meaningful actionable but simple steps
Guides people through the process of crafting, documenting, executing, and sharing their legacy vision.
Provides access to the concepts of legacy planning that have been used to build generational wealth for hundreds of years.
Is a catalyst for family transformation and impact. 

Why Was Legacy Made Simple Created?

Legacy Made Simple was created to provide a solution for the wealth deficit of black and brown people, which is largely due to financial illiteracy, lack of awareness, resources, opportunities, and generational wealth creation. 
The goal is to bring the importance of legacy planning into focus and to break down the components in a way that makes it simple to think about, simple to execute and empowers people to clarify their generational impact which will be manifested by their legacy plan.

Your role in the Legacy Made Simple Movement

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Introduce Legacy Made Simple to your group, network, organization, or congregation to begin the concerted effort to build wealth.

About the Author Attorney Gena Jones, LLM, CPA, CFE, CTRS

Dr. Jones is a Tax Attorney, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, Wife, Mother of 6 and Epic Foodie. 
She is licensed to practice law in the State of Illinois, the US Tax Court and the US Supreme Court. Her practice specializes in saving people from the IRS. She pivoted her focus to include Coaching entrepreneurs to be positioned to write their business story without the IRS playing a role. Legacy planning was not a part of the business story entrepreneurs were writing. D
Dr. Jones believes she has a professional obligation and social responsibility to ensure that legacy planning is accessible, understood, and executed by entrepreneurs in black and brown communities.

What Are You Waiting For?

Let me guide you on how to use your legacy plan to create generational wealth without fear, confusion or overwhelm.
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